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Tim Denny

Bob Moore Auto Group  |  View Project

Chase Healey 

American Solera  |  View Project

Chris Brewster 

Santa Fe South Charter School  |  View Project

Jeff Daugherty

Merritt Public Schools | View Project

Bruce Bockus

Bockus Payne Architecture

Dr. Zewdie

DaVita Dialysis |  View Project

Larry Shropshire

CEO, Communication Federal Credit Union |  View Project

David Morrow

Bridge Creek Public Schools | View Project

Mark Kennedy

Apergy | View Project

"They are extremely well run and we don’t have any surprises. Their scheduling on projects allows us to work efficiently and productively, accomplishing our work in a minimal amount of time and the job flowed smoothly and was complete ON TIME AND IN BUDGET!"

Peter Kelly

Sr. Vice President - Spirit Bank

"We would recommend Miller Tippens for future projects to our clients based on our success with this project, and would recommend them for your project as well."

Larry Shropshire

CEO, Communication Federal Credit Union

"We were pleased with Miller-Tippens attention to details and safety. Too often safety isn’t a priority to a construction crew. But the Miller-Tippens crew never once had to file an accident report!"

David Roush

Construction Manager, Edmond Public Schools